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The Gods of Responsibility are Gods pertaining to vertical subjects separate from other subjects.  The normal multi-skilled gods are multi-powered covering all subjects. 
Each god pertains to a set of rules for success in daily life; where each set of rules may be associated with a supernatural entity.  
Gods of Responsibilies pertain to  money,  sex,  ego   and martyrdom. 
A god can cause misery.  It is the goal of each person to worship  these gods enough to be happy but not to succumb to the great  temptation of excess.  Any god can take your fortune or your dignity. 
The Gods of Responsibility are gods that hold great powers of temptation.  You must respect their power and keep it in balance. 
The Gods of Responsibility will throw us" curve balls"  that we cannot control but with which we must cope.  However, usually, it is our own decisions that cause the problems with which we must deal.  Immaterial, weathering the storm, re-grouping and learning will create the self satisfaction of accomplishment and create future protection and advancements.